Wicked Mic's Laser Tag

Wicked Mic's started with a simple statement, "Dad, there is nothing to do in this town, we should start Laser Tag!"  My initial response was, " Sure you just want me to send money on something for you to do." Even after being shut down the boys got together in a dorm room at Monmouth College and devised a plan for their next attack. The next day I was bombarded with information on equipment companies, missions, rules and anything else they could come up with to convince me. They sparked my interest and after a lot of reseach, we made the go ahead decision. Equipment was ordered, training was attended, equipment arrived and a lot of laser tag was played in the house, much to Mom's dismay.

We are a mobile operation and are willing to play laser tag anywhere;  indoors, outdoors, offices, warehouses, basketball courts, football fields.....

We provide what is considered Tactical Laser Tag. Our missions require groups to plan their actions toward achieving an objective or goal. This type of FUN helps sports teams and employees  learn the importance of working together as the missions get harder and harder.

To provide Laser Tag here in Monmouth, IL we have decided to partner with Freedom Roller Rink. With the use of movable bunkers, we will be able to change the layout so our repeat customers will never get bored. For more information on Freedom Roller Rink please visit their website at www.freedomrollerrink.com


Jan 2017

The idea was born to bring Laser Tag to Monmouth, IL

Feb 2017

The commitment was made and the equipment was on order.

March 2017

Testing new equipment and practicing games.

April 2017

We have set the goal to be open by April 18. Wish us luck!

Next Steps...

Want to learn more, give us a call (309)536-0473 or visit our Frequently asked Questions.